It seems that a recent attempt to put myself out has been met with some positive response. Amongst the current roster of projects, I'm taking a little time to flesh out some test pages for the mighty IDW. To have gotten noticed by said publisher was exciting enough. We'll see where this goes.

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

A submission piece for The Amazing Joy Buzzards contest going on at Satellite Soda. I never win these things. It's helped me narrow it down to either tenacity or denial. I fear the latter.


I illustrate. Tell stories. It's a collection of both formal and informal training, inspiration, curiosity, and intuition. Nothing spectacular, and there's no list of artistic feats to make my case. However, given certain opportunities, I'm finally siding with hindsight and giving myself the opportunity to catalog my artistic goings on in real time. It's funny, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of apathy in doing this. Establishing a point in time ahead of any neccessity for it. Providing some vague explaination as to how things evolved, though it hasn't taken place. It's just funny to me.