Dust: Precursor

Dust: Precursor, an art book, is now available through Issuu. A brief history of my work. Favorites. Download or print it off. Either way it's free to you. Follow the link to the right or just grab your copy here.


Lucas has moved on to the next phase of its evolution. I've canned the idea of the story-based--art-book. Now formated as a short horror, I am collaborating with Sukhbir P. and I'm really excited to turn this one out. I'm sticking the art-book concept on the back-burner for now.

Jet-Boy: Victory. Rocket Hero

Another micro-project of mine. I'm currently collaborating with Zach C., a fellow illustrator whose work is going to be featured in Satellite Soda: Book 3 as well. His Flapjack-esque style is going to rock your world.