Kid Missile

Leather Face

Another companion piece.

Michael Myers

This was done as a companion for the Jason Vorhees piece commissioned by Side Show Collectibles.

Meat For The Eater: Four

Meat For The Eater: Three

Meat For The Eater: Two

Meat For The Eater: One


The Sleeper


What's the art becoming for me? Couldn't tell ya. I'm walking down a road now. Deep, dark, introspective self-indulgence. Not where I want to be but here I am, might as fucking well jump in. 39 days down since I lost my wife and I'm fumbling for the means to exercise this thing in me. But there it is, in front of me, a cocoon. I'll pull up my seat and wait and see what comes out. I'm going back to my roots; way past my roots.

Lucas And Other Nightmares

The book, Lucas, is done. The cover is done. All turned in and off to print. Very happy. A lot of work. Finally starting on a piece for Sideshow that's been on the back-burner for a while now. I'm firing up another book titled Jet-Boy Victory: Rocket Hero, for the second time. If the title doesn't make it obvious enough, it isn't a horror. I'm working with the extraordinarily talented Disa Wallander. Fleshing out some concepts for another book too. Damn.



Lucas: An Excerpt II

Grandma. The corpse. Maybe. Still meaty but not enough to keep her leathery skin from drooping all over her. Eye sockets sit sagging behind stained glasses secured by some other woman's string of pearls. They fell out, her eyes, or maybe removed. No telling. Neither would surprise. In the right proximity to Grandma you can actually smell them; her eye sockets. They have an odor like no other. Indescribable. Awkward and unpleasant. The grip it takes on the gag reflex doesn't choke because it's pungent but just because of knowing where it comes from.

Lucas: An Excerpt I

She catches the silhouette of some behemoth to the side of her. Thick and strong, swollen, but somehow able to have gained on her. She steps into a cliché that snaps just above her ankle. She picks her face up out of the mud and forces a raspy scream, which in turn, is rudely interrupted by the end of a crutch knocking out three of her teeth.


Lucas has finally found a home with Arcana. Done. The title will be available within a few short months. More to come.

Satellite Soda: Moving Foreward

This is the post where I want to spill the beans, but can't. Exciting things. You'll know more when I can tell you.

Daily-Draw February

Apparently some high-powered individuals from the late Sketch Tavern got together with some high-powered individuals from Satellite Soda and had a baby. Not really. This was a project that had taken place on the Sketch Tavern website some time ago. It just took place on Satellite Soda and it was nuts. Huge turn out. So much insane artwork was generated by this. Check it out on Satellite Soda. I'm considering creating a collage with the work I did for this. But I'm not particularly thrilled with half of it. We'll see. It'll go up on Deviant Art if I do.

Coming Down The Pipeline

Things have been a little slow, but not entirely. That I'm grateful for. There are going to be some new items available from Sideshow Collectibles in the not too distant future. Keep an eye out.