Solomon Wakes

I've been working on the graphic novel Solomon Wakes for, admittedly, too long. Revision after revision, it's finally on its way to completion. We've nailed down the story, balanced out the horror and science fiction elements. Around 200 pages in total. Two books. Truly unique. I'm really excited about this. It's written by Erik Martinez and Mark Smith (Popgun, Aqua Leung), and being published by Studio-407. It's finally reached a point that I'm going to catalog the progress. Hopefully providing an update every month or two.

Satellite Soda: The Book v2

The pieces commissioned for the book are complete. Three character pin-ups in all. Kid Missile, Funky Love Bot, and Chairman Badfunk. I'm really happy with how these turned out. You can check out the full sized images on Deviant Art, here. Preview the book here.

The Cryptics

The Cryptics Trade Paperback is out now, featuring work from artists over at Satellite Soda. With art by Ben Roman, Dave Igo, Dylan McCrae, Shane Long, Fabian Schlaga, Kris Anka, Jonah Gilbert, Robert Iza, Vidar Cornelius, Daniel Stone, Kyle Foster and more. Written by Steve Niles. Go buy it!

Little Man

One of two covers commissioned for Mark Linder's The Adventures of the Man in the Can. A self published title based on his regular podcasts. You can hear the stories on Betime Stories My Kids Love.